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Another Reason to Work for Yourself: Your Employer Doesn't Trust You

2017-11-15 17:07:37


A recent article published by The Guardian really made a splash when it basically revealed that many large corporate employers are basically using many technologies to spy on the activities of their employees. This can be anything from tracking web browser activity to even using webcams to spy on their workforce during the day. Of course the public is appalled to read about this “Big Brother” type scenario unfolding, but what action will people take?


I say this is another good reason to start your own home based business. No one is secure in today’s corporate culture. Downsizing is a frequent layoff excuse, or maybe you are not being productive enough. You have to have your own back. How many months could you survive is your lost your job? Companies are moving people who work remotely back to offices to better supervise. The bottom line is, companies don’t trust you. Even if you are planning to continue to work in this environment, why wouldn't you protect your livelihood with a second source of income?


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