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2017-10-31 12:45:37


Watching World GN, the makers of the Helo LX, grow as a company is rewarding in many ways. One of those ways comes from the excitement of watching the new mentoring and training tools emerge from experience of team leaders like me. As opposed to when I started with the company, the people who join my team have access to helpful systems and structures to help them succeed fast.

For example, there is a simple getting started video for new business partners that lays out the system step by step. There is a library of text introductions and prompts to inspire these business owners in their communications with customers. And one of the most exciting new programs is the new bonus system. When people build their business within a certain time line, they have access to financial bonuses to help motivate and inspire them further!

The Helo LX has always been a great product with great technology. If a person were to become a distributor with a tech company like Apple, the start-up cost would require a minimum of a $500K initial investment. This includes franchise fees, licensing, and of course product to carry as stock. World GN makes building a tech business so much more accessible. You are not required to carry stock, and the initial investment is usually a purchase of a $2000 family pack and a $59/month membership. This makes the recoup of the investment achievable in a matter or months instead of years.


Interested in learning more about the product providing so many with financial freedom?www.ronhelo.me




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