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Technology Ahead of Its Time

2017-10-14 14:24:25


While reading the most recent report on the top healthcare technology trends in 2017, it is exciting to again see how far the Helo LX is ahead of its time. At least half of these important health tools already exist in the Helo, and there are constantly new innovations around this device. Measuring vitals, for example, is very desirable in the healthcare world, and many new devices are striving to achieve what the Helo already does so well.


It is emphasized in the report that counting steps is not enough to ensure good all around health, which is something that the makers of Helo saw immediately. There is also mention of using technology to monitor and diagnose sleep apnea, which is a very serious health issue. Helo does this.


Reading this report makes me even more confident about getting involved in a businesses based on innovation. Want to learn more about this life-changing technology? www.ronhelo.me




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