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The Best Fitness App on the Market

2017-10-23 17:31:44


The Helo LX has done it again! Developers have created the very best fitness app to date for this versatile device, HeloFit. It can be customized to your lifestyle and favored workouts. It also has a calendar feature that integrates with your current system to keep you on track and accountable with workout times. Customized sessions and programs (such as an amazing running program) are at the your fingertips.


And these features are just the beginning! There is advanced reporting that not only counts steps, but shows you vitals like your heart rate to make sure you are staying in your fit zone. It also shows you record of the path details for your outdoor workouts, point by point. Music integration and voice notifications make sure you aren't constantly interrupted from your workout and can experience the piece of mind that concentration brings. No fitness can do what HeloFit can!


Want to learn more about the device that is changing the world? www.ronhelo.me




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