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I was a very unhealthy individual.  I suffered from diabetes due to extreme weight gain. I overcame a heart attack by changing my lifestyle, nutrition and, excerise.  I released over 100 pounds, reversed my diabetes, and regained my strength. Today I live a vibrant lifestyle with more energy than I have had since my 20's.  I now maintain that lifestyle and thanks to my Helo I know at all times where my health is.  It gives me peace of mind that I may feel good on the inside, but it is so much better to know why.  And with the Helo, my children can keep track of my health, which lets them know that Dad is doing great.  But, if there ever is is a problem they are alerted to the problem and even important where I am with GPS.  Now, how cool is that.  I would never be without Helo on my wrist.




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